Thanks Yogis

Dad is doing better, went home from hospital and I’m going home today. Again, I  am in awe of those of you who practice when they are thrown off their routine. My last practice was a week ago today. 

Cybershala Favor

Hi yogis, could I please ask you to dedicate ( if you do that sort of thing) for my 89 year old dad? He is in hospital because a bunch of things have  suddenly gone wrong at the same time and both he an I are a bit terrified.Thanks everybody.

Monday Update

Today is the first time since August 15th that I did my entire  90 minute practice.

Today a went for a 5 mile walk with my sister in law Pat and we did not mention politics once.

Today I heard Diane Keaton say in an Ellen show clip that Cary Grant recommended pretending you are the person you’d like to be until you become that.

Today I realize I may not have a lot left to say here. But until WordPress starts hitting me for money again I’ll keep it open.


Day 45

So it turns out I can live (not just survive but live)without coffee booze or sugar. I can live with less variety of food in exchange for feeling vitality. Vitality was not a familiar feeling. I can safely say without fear of exaggerating that I had never felt vitality before. Yours truly got her first period when she was 9 years old and started smoking Marlboros at age 12 ( and not just bumming a cigarette here and there, but buying my own pack.) Hormonal disruption and adrenal fatigue have been my companions for a very long time. So in 45 days you drop 27 pounds, stop sweating in a way that gets your hair wet, start sleeping through the night, and feel really alert and ON. It is also enough time to convince you to live on a mono diet (is that a real term?) for most of your month with the occasional thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary and other celebrations interspersed in those 52 weeks. Nothing happens until you’re ready.

Your Mind Will Lie

My  brain/mind always told me that I would not make it through a month of no sugar, no grains, no salt, no fermentation,  veganism but it was wrong. I did last the month and  I have two weeks left to finish my 45 day protocol. I am sure that there will be opportunities to have a bagel, some burgundy, a doughnut, in the future because as the good doctor says, no food is bad. Food aggravates what is already out of whack. 20 lbs. less makes it a lot easier to add back that vinyasa in between sides even though I am still a couple of poses away from not being exhausted for Urdvha Dhanurasana. I chose the title to this post mostly to point out that most of us are so used to having a foggy mind, that we have no idea what it’s like not to have one. To me, that has been the biggest change (along with uninterrupted sleep) brought by this treatment. I really feel that I can think more clearly and am less anxious and indecisive.

Speaking of anxious and indecisive: WTF is this I hear that KPYAJI is canceling already accepted registrations because it overbooked?? What if you already bought your ticket, or are already in Bali and about to continue to Mysore???  Are there other Shalas from authorized teachers nearby? I would just go to one of those instead of staying home. #nextyearsaraswathi2017




Day 24

The inclusion of more fruit into my meals is quite welcome at this point, and am looking forward with illusion and gratitude to vegetables next week. Added also to the protocol: lime diluted in water then mixed with goat milk. Was prepared to gag but there was no need. I am also the owner of a whole new fleet of clay pot cookware, from fancy to rustic, to goodwill finds that I have yet to utilize, since no cooked food yet. I am sharing below a lecture given by Dr. Sumit to a group of his students (Audio only but pretend it’s a podcast). It describes many of the things I am trying to incorporate into my lifestyle.

Day 13

Ray and my buddies say I don’t but, I think I smell bad. Sort of like ripe garbage and it feels gross. Oh, and I have pink eye! Which I never got in 22 years of teaching children. Dr. Sumit and I had a skype chat earlier today (8:30 pm Mumbai) and I was given the okay to start adding more fruits and plants to my regimen. I must also start drinking pickling lime diluted in water. I was told that pranayama was enough for me and ashtanga was optional ( sorry sir but the cult is the cult). and that in three months I will be right as rain. I can also stop taking cold showers and add a bit of warm water. Of course I forgot to tell him about the pink eye. I will wait till our next consult to confess my fondness for wine and ask if it is possible to continue my romance with the fruit of the vine in the not so distant future. I am not happy about passing Portland Maine this weekend without having my food party but there is a first for everything.